Securing Smart Cities

Let’s make smart cities cyber-safe


We are here to help the world build smart cities with cybersecurity in mind.
Securing Smart Cities is an initiative to identify the cyber-security challenges facing smart cities and to propose workable solutions to address them. We aim to promote cyber-security best practices and cyber-solutions for all the technologies used by smart cities – with the goal of creating safer and better places for everyone.
The concept of a smart city is very topical, and many organizations around the world are working on intelligent solutions to make urban areas energy efficient, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and safe. Far fewer are thinking of the cyber-security of these smart cities.
The more IT is involved in the creation and operation of a smart city, the greater the potential risk. If not addressed early on, the cost and complexity of creating a smart city could make it far more difficult to address security problems further down the line. In the end, the city would be left vulnerable.
Securing Smart Cities aims to solve cyber-problems at every stage of a smart city’s development: from planning through to the actual implementation of smart technologies.


  • Educate cities and providers on the importance and cost benefits of security best practices
  • Collaborate with partners to share ideas and methodologies
  • Promote the importance and benefits of introducing security early into the development lifecycle of a project or plan
  • Build partnerships between cities, providers and the security community
  • Create standards, guidelines and different resources that can help to improve cybersecurity across all areas related to smart cities.

How can Securing Smart Cities help you?

Building and maintaining smart cities is not an easy task. Many things need to be taken into account, especially when it comes to IT security. No matter what stage you are at, be it preliminary planning or final implementation, it is never too late to think of cybersecurity and make sure that everything is safe.
Securing Smart Cities is a source of valuable information and expertise. We are here to help you, by sharing information on possible security issues facing smart cities and how these can be addressed or avoided.

How can you help Securing Smart Cities?

Securing Smart Cities is open to new participants. If you want to help make modern smart cities safer, please join us.
We welcome city authorities, security researchers and security vendors, as well as vendors of equipment and software used in public automation infrastructure.

How to join: is always looking for new participants and partners. If you would like to join us or have any questions, please contact us at

Contributors & Researchers:

  • Cesar Cerrudo, CTO, IOActive Labs, SSC board member
  • Amin Hasbini, Head of Research Center (GReAT) at Kaspersky Lab, SSC board member
  • Alan Seow, Cyber Security Practitioner, SSC board member
  • Chris Valasek, Security Researcher, Uber
  • Vasilios Hioureas, independent security researcher
  • Chris Rouland, CEO Bastille, SSC board member
  • David Jordan, CISO for Arlington County, Virginia, SSC board member
  • Giampiero Nanni, Government Affairs, EMEA, Symantec, SSC board member
  • Patrick Nielsen, Emerging Technology, J.P. Morgan
  • Jim Reavis, CEO, Cloud Security Alliance, SSC board member
  • Stephen A. Ridley, Principal, Xipiter LLC, SSC board member
  • Thomas Kinsey, Senior Engineer, Exigent
  • Marc Goodman, Global Security Advisor, Chair for Policy, Law and Ethics, Singularity University
  • Claudio Caracciolo, Chief Security Ambassador, Eleven Paths
  • Jose Valiente, Direccion y Coordinacion, Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial
  • Luis Parrondo, Principal Cyber Security Architect, Business Manager, London Underground
  • Martin Tom-Petersen, CEO, Smart City Catalyst
  • Simon Tricker, Co-Founder & CDO, Urban Tide
  • Tarun Gupta, Crisis Management Section Head, Qatar Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
  • Damon Hart-Davis, OpenTRV
  • Mike Newborn, Chief Security Officer, Bloomberg BNA
  • Samir Pawaskar, CS Policy and Standards Section Head, Qatar Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
  • Daniel Miessler, Director of Client Advisory Services, IOActive
  • Ryan Naraine, Head of Kaspersky GReAT USA, Kaspersky Lab
  • Brian Russell, Chief Engineer, Leidos
  • Giorgio Fedon, Technical Director, COO and Co-Founder, Minded Security
  • Stefano Di Paola, CTO and Chief Scientist, Minded Security
  • Justin C. Klein Keane, Security Architect, ThingWorx
  • Omar Sherin, Director | Cyber Security, Ernst & Young
  • Sandeep Singh, Security Analyst, Dell
  • Geoff Moore, Chief Technology Officer, RED solutions
  • Hisham Ibrahim, External Relations Officer – Technical Advisor, RIP NCC
  • Matteo Beccaro, Chief Technology Officer & Founder, Opposing Force
  • Matteo Collura, Security Researcher
  • Erik Kamerling, Senior Director MS-ISAC, Center for Internet Security

Supporting Organizations: