July 06, 2015 – Securing Smart Cities initiative briefing US government

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, working closely with IOActive, Securing Smart Cities initiative and other Fellows, has published its latest legislative briefing titled “Keeping Smart Cities Smart: Preempting Emerging Cyber Attacks in U.S. Cities“, which was delivered to members of the legislative community and federal agencies to raise awareness about smart city cybersecurity. As more and more U.S. cities adopt ‘smart’ technologies, America finds its urban centers increasingly at risk for cyber-attacks which could bring entire cities to a standstill, wreak havoc for citizens and cost billions for governments and the private sector.
In this analysis, the authors identify the various types of technologies that are used in smart cities and how each type of technology is vulnerable to an attack (including potential attack scenarios). The report closes by making recommendations on what vendors and policy makers must do to ensure that the technologies manufactured for use in smart cities are adequately secure.

Parham Eftekhari
Co-Founder & Sr. Fellow