February 6, 2018 – Securing the Smart City Olympics

The modern Olympic Games started in 1896, they are a global stage that brings thousands of athletes from across the world every four years, with the Summer and Winter events taking place interchangeably every four years but two years separately. The Olympics games, have almost always been used to introduce radically innovative and game-changing technologies intended to make the sporting … Read More

September 12, 2017 – Smart cities appeal and 15 things that should not go wrong

Urbanization of populations is a continuous phenomenon, cities are transforming digitally into smarter ones, enabling better governance, enhancing the living of humans and facilitating better resources utilization efficiency. In reality, various systems such as cameras and traffic signals, street lights, sewers sensors, gas and electric meters make up the digital infrastructure of smart cities. Residents will pay their bills and … Read More

May 12, 2016 – The thin line between SMART and PRIVACY

/// Alan Seow, Cyber Security Practitioner ///   It is coming to a year on board with SSC since 2015. I am very happy to get myself involved and have seen its membership growth as well as all the good resources amassed for individuals, companies and government entities who are interested in the SECURING SMART CITIES journey. Looking at a … Read More

March 21, 2016 – The Smart City Department Cyber Security role and implications

  Interest in the smart city concept has grown exponentially over the past few years, with top research being done in the Internet of Things (IoT) and urban domains to define, assess, and improve smart city services and offerings. In smart cities, information security plays a major role in protecting the higher levels of confidentiality, availability, and integrity as well … Read More

July 06, 2015 – Securing Smart Cities initiative briefing US government

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, working closely with IOActive, Securing Smart Cities initiative and other Fellows, has published its latest legislative briefing titled “Keeping Smart Cities Smart: Preempting Emerging Cyber Attacks in U.S. Cities“, which was delivered to members of the legislative community and federal agencies to raise awareness about smart city cybersecurity. As more and more U.S. cities … Read More

May 29, 2015 – Connected Cities Can Mean Metro Mayhem

By Chris Rouland The world is awaiting the idea of the smart city; a city digitally connected to its residents and operators to provide an enhanced quality of life and cost savings. South Korea, Barcelona and now India are all boasting about their cleaner, greener and yes, smarter, city projects. And, while the idea of digitally driven cities is less … Read More

May 27, 2015 – CCTV surveillance security issues: almost a year later

Vasili Hioureas, malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab Last year, to help us prepare for our presentation at Defcon 22, TK from Exigent and I researched and presented on the insecurity of city surveillance. The research started out as a casual experiment. Neither of us was involved with any kind of smart city security organization, and attempting to hack into a … Read More

May 20, 2015 – Welcome to Securing Smart Cities

Hi everyone I’m Cesar Cerrudo, CTO, IOActive Labs. Welcome to Securing Smart Cities, today we are launching this new initiative hoping for great success on achieving our goals. This started with an simple idea that quickly grew and materialized with the help of several people and companies contributing and working together with same goal: having more secure cities around the … Read More