Securing Smart Cities

Let’s make smart cities cyber-safe

Securing Smart Cities is a not-for-profit global initiative that aims to solve the existing and future cybersecurity problems of smart cities through collaboration between companies, governments, media outlets, other not-for-profit initiatives and individuals across the world.


The Smart City Department Cyber Security role and implications
AUTHOR: Mohamad Amin Hasbini, Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab, Cesar Cerrudo, CTO, IOActive Labs, David Jordan, CISO, Arlington County Government, Virginia, USA, Ramzi El-Haddadeh, Associate professor, Management Information Systems, Qatar University, Alan Seow, Cyber Security Practitioner, Samir Pawaskar, Cyber Security Policy and Standards Section Head, Qatar Ministry of Information and Communications Technology Team. Read More

Pen Testing a City
AUTHOR: Gregory Conti (West Point), Tom Cross (Drawbridge Networks), and David Raymond (Virginia Tech) Read More

Cyber Security Guidelines for Smart City Technology Adoption
AUTHOR: Cesar Cerrudo, Amin Hasbini, Brian Russell Read More

Does CCTV put the public at risk of cyberattack? How Insecure surveillance technology is working against you
AUTHOR: Vasilios Hioureas, Thomas (TK) Kinsey Read More

An Emerging US (and World) Threat: Cities Wide Open to Cyber Attacks
AUTHOR: Cesar Cerrudo Read More


June 23, 2016 –

Columbus wins the White House’s ‘Smart City’ challenge

May 27, 2016 –

Smart Meter Companies Sue Local Activist and City to Block Disclosure of Security Audits

March 14, 2016 –

One of these seven US cities will receive $5o million to rethink urban transport

January 4, 2016 –

The ‘mind-boggling’ risks your city faces from cyber attackers

November 18, 2015 –

Guidelines for smart city technology adoption

September 27, 2015 –

Securing The Intelligent City

October 14, 2015 –

Podcast: Securing Smart Cities

September 27, 2015 –

Securing The Intelligent City

August 4, 2015 –

Cyber attack: How easy is it to take out a smart city?

July 7, 2015 –

Smart Cities’ 4 Biggest Security Challenges

June 10, 2015 –

Traffic Hacking: Caution Light Is On

May 27, 2015 –

Solving the cybersecurity challenges of smart cities

May 26, 2015 –

Security Researchers Start Effort to Protect ‘Smart’ Cities

May 13, 2015 –

Why smart cities need to get wise to security – and fast


May 12, 2016 – The thin line between SMART and PRIVACY

/// Alan Seow, Cyber Security Practitioner ///   It is coming to a year on board with SSC since 2015. I am very happy to get myself involved and have seen its membership growth as well as all the good resources amassed for individuals, companies and government entities who are interested in the SECURING SMART CITIES journey. Looking at a … Read More

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